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Kaitlin Klarer Founder

With a background in managing Virtual Assistants and operations planning for startups, Kaitlin understands how hard it is to scale up tasks within a company. Her masters degree in counseling psychology allows her a special understanding of the frustrations of the modern business.

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Trent Fowler graduated with a degree in neuroscience before turning his learning efforts toward mathematics, computer science, and philosophy while teaching English in Korea. After a stint as a freelance writer and publishing his book "The STEMpunk Project", Trent entered the Galvanize Data Science Immersive Program to study machine learning, predictive modeling, and statistical analysis. Trent is currently overseeing the Machine Learning efforts of Taskaway and assisting with the cutting edge integrations for our clients.


Josh Stramiello Manages Barista Ventures, a tech consultancy focussed on building companies from the ground up. Josh has managed dozens of successful product launches and worked with high growth companies across a multitude of fields. Josh oversees infrastructure and project management at TaskAway